1ST and Only

    I remember talking with my wife the night before I drove to ProTeam about all the years of doing restorations on everything from classic cars to rust bombs and not having anything to point to for all those years of abuse. I have always loved Corvettes and remember discovering them when I was just big enough to look into the window of a red 1964 convertible on the showroom floor of a local Chevy dealership. It was very likely that my dad told me to go look at the cars, so he could conduct business without distraction. I remember asking my dad to buy me one when I was a teen and it always produced a pretty good laugh.  The day before I bought my 1st Corvette I remember showing my wife some of the Corvettes I had selected from the ProTeam web site and various other classic Corvette ads, a ritual I had performed several times a year. She was always supportive but this time she suggested “taking the day off tomorrow and driving to Napoleon to look at  some of them”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! By the look on her face I could tell she knew what she was doing in that it was like giving me a license to fulfill a dream. It was difficult to maintain my composure and I did not sleep at all that night. I called in sick to work, thinking this has to be the ultimate in playing hookie! I got an early start and spent the better part of the day choosing my first Corvette. I’m sure the salesman was relieved when I finally announced my decision after hours of deliberation. Being a poor man, I could not afford the Top Flight or  loaded big block and settled for something that would not start divorce proceedings when I returned from my visit to to this local classic car dealership.

   My choice was about halfway through a large building with about 60 double-parked ‘68-’72 Corvettes that ranged from Bloomington Gold trophy winners to the “don’t drive this one right away” special in the back. There were several buildings full of classic Corvettes with each building being C-era dedicated and containing similar quantities of cars. It was a numbers matching 350/4speed with two tops. This particular Corvette had a banner across the windshield that claimed an extremely rare color combination, 992 Laguna grey with a 411 bright blue interior. I have spent the last six years improving on the mechanical restoration and detailing. This car has won “best of C3 class” at the CCA Hospice event and the 992/411 color combo on a 1970 convertible usually stops more knowledgeable Corvette enthusiasts for a second look. It is in the 1970 registry, and I have received letters from other Corvette owners and from the ‘70 - ‘72 NCRS line judge pointing to its rarity. After six years of research it appears to be one of two roadworthy 1970 convertibles with this color combination and the only known 992/411 ‘70 Roadster in these original colors. As the years go by, pulling the cover off every spring is still exciting. Driving has not been a disappointment either. The car has seen 145 mph with some Tach left and feels good  at higher speeds on uncrowned road surfaces. I would love to buy a new C6 roadster, and I see a lot of styling cues from my ‘70 in them. The coolest thing about Corvettes is that every one is designed to separate you from the sheep of the everyday world and do it in a way no other car can.

  I would like to thank my wife for understanding the meaning of this passion and supporting me in making this and other dreams a reality. 

Bill Frank

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  1. KenD says:

    Go for the C6. I had some doubts about buying one since it would be my first new one, but after I drove one I bought it and never regretted it. I figure it this way, you only live once and since I was retired I wanted to enjoy myself in retirement and I have.

    I had a friend he had alot of nice things a Jag, Mercedes, boat, a good job but couldn’t enjoy them because he was always out of town on business. One time when he was out of town on business he never made it home alive. A hotel housekeeper found hime dead in his room, he was 49. After that I changed my outlook on life as I was a few years older then he was and decided not to take things for granted. I’m on my third Vette in seven years. Go for the C6 you won’t regret it.

  2. FredD says:

    I know what you mean about having your wife support you on this. Even if it’s subtle, it really means a great deal when the person you love can share this with you!

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