Up up and away!

A little over a week ago I had the awesome chance to be the photographer and co-pilot to Ken Deken on our quest to take an aerial photograph of the Corvettes in our club.

But this was not just any aerial photograph, no not for our Corvette Club!

We decided to arrange all 46 Vettes into the initials of our club, C C A and it all started late last year from an idea of Sue and Gary Maddle for a new home page for our website, www.competitioncorvette.org.

With all of the engineering, design and many hours of planning we actually pulled it off!!  The night before we laid down a chalk diagram of the letters hoping we had enough room and enough Vettes!  Then on Saturday morning our chief engineers, Gary, Bill, Phil, Don and others, called out their needs for specific cars as part of our plan.
Then after a couple of hours or work, Ken and I crawled into his plane and took off to the friendly skies of the Lost Nation Airport.We made several circles around the runway and I was snapping non stop pictures at a rate of 3 per second as we flew over the cars and members in their bright red club shirts.  This was possible with the amazing Nikon Camera that was Ted Huddle’s.  Donna was gracious enough to trust me with putting it through its paces.  Thank God I decided to buy that 32GB memory card because I took over 450 photos!
Finally after making several passes I asked captain Ken to do some amazing flying and to try one last parallel pass and ripped off another 20 shots hoping to catch the winner!
Sure, no pressure here, a new camera, an unknown aerial shoot, and  yes, let’s throw in some wind and turbulence for good measure!
Nervously going through the photos after at our afternoon lunch cooked to perfection by the Lost Nation Airport staff, I got a chill when I found a couple that made it all worth the effort.After a little cropping I fixed one that made it into our club’s history and on to the front page of our website!

Our sincere thanks to all that participated to pull this one off!

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