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C5 ABS Failure with a happy ending!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

I decided to add this to our blog because of an identical problem that recently happened to another member of our club.

Back on August of 2007 when my 2001 Corvette coupe had about 36,000 miles, I got the dreaded C1214 ABS error on my display.

After picking myself up off the floor when I found that it would cost about $1500 to have it repaired by the local Chevy service center, I searched the Internet for a better solution and found Brandon Hite from

So I called him and emailed him a few times to find out how he worked the deal.  He only wanted $150 plus S&H to repair my unit!  It would cost more if he had to send you a refurbished one first, (I pay with PayPal for security reasons).

So I removed just the ABS unit, (called EBCM), from the valve body and shipped it to him.  While waiting for the repair I simply had to tape a plastic bag over the valve body to prevent any dirt from getting into it while driving it for little over a week until the repaired unit was shipped back.  I actually used one of those mylar computer parts bags because it was a little tougher.

This was a fairly simple, although a bit awkward, process to remove and then later, to replace the unit.
After installing the repaired unit I simply cleared the error codes from the DIC (computer) and have had no troubles to date!  But if I did, Brandon does provide a warranty.
(There are instructions on our website that shows how to get and clear any error codes on the C5 Vettes).

Check out the removal process here on his website…  

He will do this for the ABS units in many other cars not just Vettes.  
I even told an auto repair client of mine so he can make a few extra bucks too!

So please pass this along to help other fellow C5 owners!
Thank you!